The Swiss Medical Board has ceased its activities.

The website remains available but is no longer updated after June 30, 2022.

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Subject selection

Interested parties (e.g. sponsorship organization, service providers, authorities) and the general public had the possibility to propose subjects for HTA reports. These were prioritized by specified criteria. The executive committee decided on the issues to be addressed.


The executive committee commissioned a specialist team (usually a university institute) with the drawing up of the assessment report.


In the context of scoping, the questions to be processed were specified and defined in detail. Medical specialists and other stakeholders were involved and invited to comment upon the issues determined. 


The assessment team (as a rule, specialists from university institutions) conducted systematic searches of the literature on existing research results in the areas of clinical effectiveness and safety, as well as health economic analysis. 

The evidence currently available was critically evaluated and, where possible, was summarised with suitable statistical methods. If necessary, in the context of health economic analysis, reevaluations were carried out on the basis of Swiss data. The assessment team drew up a report summarising the existing results. After its completion, the stakeholders were once more invited to comment on the report at a hearing. 


On the basis of the assessment report, the scoping documents preceding it and the stakeholders’ feedback, the council of experts assessed the results presented in the assessment report and then formulated recommendations.

Publication and dissemination

The appraisal report was accepted by the executive committee and published. In addition to publication on this website, depending on subject, other formats (e.g. specialist articles) were also be taken into account. The executive committee decided on other measures for distribution to the interested parties and for the implementation of recommendations.