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Executive committee

The executive committee of the sponsoring association is responsible for the strategic development of the SMB, appointment of the operating committees, selection of subjects, award of assessment and appraisal contracts, the publication of reports and communication. It has no influence on the content of the assessment or the appraisal.

The executive committee is made up as follows:

Prof Daniel Scheidegger, Chairman

SAMS, Berne


Kathrin Huber, Vice-Chairman

GDK, Deputy General Secretary


Natalie Rickli

GDK, Directorate for Health, Zurich


Peter Gstöhl

The Principality of Lichtenstein, Vaduz


Dr Heiner Sandmeier

Interpharma, Basel


Markus Gnägi

santésuisse, Solothurn


Mario Fasshauer

DVSP – the umbrella body for Swiss patients’ centres, Zurich


PD Dr Peter Berchtold

Schweizerische Stiftung SPO Patientenschutz, Zurich


Prof Michele Genoni

fmCh (the umbrella organisation for doctors carrying out surgery and invasive procedures), Biel


Andreas Christen

Zentralstelle für Medizinaltarife UVG (ZMT), Luzern