The Swiss Medical Board has ceased its activities.

The website remains available but is no longer updated after June 30, 2022.

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In-depth studies

In the context of their “Sustainable health system” project, the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences commissioned among other things a study on the “Efficiency, utilisation and financing of the health care system”. One of the results of the study was the finding that in various cost-intensive areas, the extent of misallocation can only be roughly estimated; moreover, the necessary transparency was lacking. 

The executive committee of the SMB in its meeting of December 2017 decided, in the same way as the initiative launched by Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, to commission in-depth empirical studies with the objective of demonstrating statistics for alleged misprovision of care and, at the same time, to deliver crucial bases for the identification of subjects for HTA studies. The studies were carried out by university institutes in collaboration with health insurance companies. 

The results of four in-depth studies are available: