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Information for specialists

When an SMB report is published today, the target groups are addressed as follows:

  • Service providers: Publication in the Schweizerische Ärztezeitung (Swiss Medical Journal); report goes live on the SMB website; writing to competent specialist bodies with the summary of the report;
  • Patients: Media communication (generally featured prominently by the media) in three cases up to now (treatment of cruciate ligament rupture; PSA measurement; Bariatric surgery) drafting of a flier for distribution by the Dachverband Schweizer Patientenstellen – DVSP (umbrella association of Swiss patients’ centres).
  • Authorities: Application to ELGK (Swiss Federal Commission for General Services and Principles)(e.g. treatment of mitral valve insufficiency) 

For selected SMB reports, “aids for medical staff” (e.g. fact boxes) should also be provided in order to help the patient come to a better and quicker understanding of non-intervention. Such aids are to be provided in particular for those recommendations which are considered to be highly relevant to patients, i.e. those for which the patient has certain expectations.