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The Executive committee of the Swiss Medical Board is responsible for implementing the recommendations in the HTA reports. Measures for implementing the recommendations are provided on three levels with varying degrees of binding force and impact:

Stage 1: Awareness


  • The media and interested stakeholders have been informed concerning adoption of the report. 
  • The report is accessible on the website of the Swiss Medical Board. 

Stage 2: Voluntary implementation


  • Recommendation to service providers on the basis of the results from the HTA report to review and adapt their practice. As the recommendations are of a general nature and not focused on individual therapies, they can be diverged from in justified individual cases.
  • Development of patient information (together with the Dachverband Schweizerischer Patientenstellen – the umbrella body for Swiss patients’ centres) 

Stage 3: Binding implementation


  • Application for a controversial process to the BAG (Federal Office of Health)


The Swiss Medical Board commissioned an impact evaluation from the Winterthur Institute of Health Economics (Winterthurer Institut für Gesundheitsökonomie). The study is now available.