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Arthroscopy of the knee: assessment report published

Within the framework of the Federal HTA program, the benefits currently paid under the compulsory health insurance are reevaluated.

One of the topics chosen in 2015 was arthroscopy of the knee, based on report No. 42 of the Swiss Health Observatory (Obsan) "Variations géographiques dans les soins de santé. La situation en Suisse", which had described a significant increase in knee arthroscopy between 2005 and 2011. According to the report, there were also clear, unexplainable differences in frequency between the cantons, also with regard to the proportion of inpatient and outpatient arthroscopies. A HTA report should therefore answer questions about the appropriate use and benefit of knee arthroscopy. The Swiss Medical Board prepared the assessment report on behalf of the FOPH and submitted it to the FOPH in October 2018; since 4 September 2019 it is available online at the following link: